Japanese brand Suzuki has inducted its flagship Suzuki Hayabusa model into a local assembly (CKD) program in the country. The reports were confirmed by several leading sites in the country that holds one of the largest motorcycle markets in Asia.

This marks the first time that Suzuki have opted to build the Hayabusa outside of Japan. Though it will mainly cater to the local Indian market, reports also suggest the possibility of the made-in-India Hayabusa being sold in other markets around the region, but this remains unconfirmed for now.


Reports indicate that the Suzuki Hayabusa will be imported as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) kits and assembled in Suzuki’s production plant sited in Gurgaon. Other report also confirms that the specification for the made-in-India version remains identical to the fully imported (CBU) version as well.

Suzuki India’s vice president of sales and marketing was quoted by a source in stating:

“India is one of the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. This is a clear indication of the high demands in this ever growing market. Along with growth, comes maturity. Coupled with growth in lifestyle and infrastructure, there is an increasing demand for Big Bikes by the Indian Enthusiast. SMIPL shall cater to this by starting assembly of our most widely selling big bike, the Suzuki Hayabusa. We firmly believe in the Make in India program and this another step to show our support even in the big bike market.”

Suzuki customers in India will benefit with a revised sales price on the Suzuki Hayabusa as a result with reports indicating a figure of INR 1,357,135.


Fondly referred to by fans as the ‘Busa, the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa hypersport has long stood as one of the world’s fastest production bikes. It is powered by a 1,340cc in-line four-cylinder screamer that offers 197hp and peak torque of 138.7Nm. Weighing at 222kg dry, this flagship hypersport can complete the century sprint in just 2.74 seconds before reaching its claimed top speed of 299km/h in stock form.

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