Two of the biggest names in the motorcycling industry, although from two totally different sides, have announced their collaboration in setting up a special customisation program. Called RSD X Ducati Performance, it sees Ducati teaming up with Roland Sands Design (RSD) in producing a series of special and exclusive aftermarket parts.


Unsurprisingly, the model at the epicentre of this venture is none other than the new Ducati XDiavel. Ducati have already begun working with RSD in designing accessories for the Italian marque’s first belt-driven cruiser model. Furthermore, RSD isn’t just focused on aesthetic enhancement; the famed custom motorcycle institution will also set its eyes on enhancing the bike’s performance as well in this new project.


Besides the Ducati XDiavel standing as the focus bike in the RSD X Ducati Performance line development, we can also expect more Ducati models being included too. For the XDiavel, having an exclusive range of aftermarket parts by RSD will undoubtedly boost the model in its mission of becoming the leading bike in the powercruiser genre.


If you’re wondering how good an RSD-redux Ducati could look like, then check out the RSD KH9 Ducati 1299 Panigale we posted earlier today.

Source: AutoEvolution